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Iron Filters

We provide southeastern Wisconsin homes and business with high quality Iron Filters

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Impression Series Air Charge Filters are proven successful in effectively removing high levels of sulfur and iron commonly found in well water anywhere. The IMS and IMB Filters are often used in combination with other Impression Series water conditioners to provide a total water treatment solution. And, all IMS and IMB Filters are environmentally safe, eliminating the need for messy or toxic chemicals and feed pumps.

With these combined components — media, electronics, control valve and the Water-Right company itself — no other water treatment solution can compare in features or performance. Protect your home and your family with the best.

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Impression® Series Air Sulfur and Air Iron Filter

Impression Series® Air Sulfur (IMS) and Air Iron (IMB) Filters are extremely effective in removing hydrogen sulfide and iron, commonly associated with problem well water. These innovative designs use a unique air-injection filtering technology to oxidize sulfur or iron into precipitates that can be readily filtered and removed. Impression Series Air Charge Filters are environmentally safe — no toxic chemicals are used like in other systems. The result is simply refreshingly good water from the tap, every time.

➤ Solid-state microprocessor control
➤ Easily programmed for optimum performance
➤ Extended lithium battery backup
➤ Advanced history and diagnostic screens
➤ Low cost operation
➤ Environmentally safe with no chemicals

It's the Media...The IMS uses a high-grade, activated catalytic media that is produced with a patented process and manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. It is unique in that it concentrates contaminants within the pores of the media and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores.

The IMB media acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between oxygen and iron compounds. This process converts iron to particles that can be easily filtered.

It’s the Electronics...The microprocessor captures all water conditioning operations, including gallons per day, total gallons, peak flow rates, and total regenerations. Time is also held in memory and protected by a built-in battery backup.

It’s the Control Valve...A rugged, Noryl™ control valve handles high flow rates without dropping household water pressures — like when showers, toilets and faucets are all in use at the same time.

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